Japanese flag Thursday 9th December 1993
Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Dome

MacPhisto: [laughs] "Ohh... Daddy always pays. Look what you've done to me! Tokyo, look what you've done to me! You've made me very famous and I thank you. I know you like your pop stars to be exciting so I bought these. Because I'm in show business. Yes. And they're all into show business now. Lady Diana's into it. The President of the United States is into it. Even your... sumo wrestlers are into it!  Do you know Akebono?"

Crowd: [whoops and applause]

MacPhisto: "Shall I give him a telephone call?"

Crowd: [cheers and applause]

MacPhisto: "He's a glamorous chap. Let's see... if we can raise him, shall we?"


MacPhisto: [clears throat]

Man: [inaudible] "Hello, who is this?"

MacPhisto: "Hello, can I speak to Akebono, please."

Man: "This is Akebono."

MacPhisto: "Is that Akebono? Am I speaking to the great Akebono?"

Akebono: "Yes, sir!"

MacPhisto: "Oh, welcome to the Tokyo Dome!"

Akebono: "Thank you!"

Crowd: [applause]

Akebono: [sounds like "How d'you do?"]

MacPhisto: "I'm just here with a few friends, and, er, your name came up, and I have a question for you."

Akebono: "Yes?"

MacPhisto: "I'm, er... I've always believed that the stage is as unto a platform shoe, and I'm wondering... I have some Irish in me, and I believe you have some Irish in you..."

Akebono: "Yes sir."

MacPhisto: "I'd like to challenge you to an arm wrestle in the Tokyo Dome – me versus you!"

Akebono: "Okay!"

MacPhisto: "D'you think we could arrange the date?"

Akebono: "Uhhh... yes. I think it's possible."

MacPhisto: "Well I have a message from the people of Tokyo, for the great Akebono."

MacPhisto: [sings] "I just called to say I love you... I just called to say how much I care."

MacPhisto: "Goodnight Akebono..."

Akebono: "Thank you very much!  Nice speaking to you!"

MacPhisto: "...love from Mr MacPhisto!"

[Lemon begins]

Akebono: "Thank you!"

MacPhisto: "MacPhisto! ...MACPHISTO!!"

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