New Zealand flag Saturday 4th December 1993
Auckland, New Zealand

Western Springs Stadium

MacPhisto: "Off with the horns, on with the show, I say!  Look what you've done to me. You've made me very famous and I thank you."

Crowd: [cheer]

MacPhisto: "Now I know you like your pop stars to be exciting so I bought these." [shows off platform boots] "Don't you think the stage is as unto a platform shoe? You need a good gimmick these days, don't you, what with all the competition and everything? Michael and Madonna." [laughs] "All that..." [makes hand gesture] "...all the heavy stuff." [laughs] "Getting everywhere. Yes, we have to sell the, uh, commodity of rebellion, don't we – a little bit of self-destruction sells a lot of records, doesn't it?" [laughs] "Okay. The entrepreneurial spirit, we call it. Yes... Margaret Thatcher would have been a great rock 'n' roll star, wouldn't she?"

Crowd: [applause]

MacPhisto: "Course, you have it in abundance down here, the pioneering spirit. Look what we have up on the hillside – we have some entrepreneurial spirit over here, don't we?!  Little over here, little to the left – where is the one with the grandstand? He's making a buck or two! There she goes-- hello!" [waves] "Shall I give them a telephone call?"

Crowd: [cheer]

MacPhisto: "Yeah? ...Yes. God and the Devil have all the best phone numbers – let me see."


Man: [inaudible answer]

MacPhisto: "Hello?"

Man: "Hello?"

MacPhisto: "I'd just like to congratulate you on your entrepreneurial spirit. How much are you charging for admission up there, young man?"

Man: "Forty-five thousand dollars."

Crowd: [gasps]

MacPhisto: "Hahahahaha!  A thief does even better than us!  Where are you? Could you wave to us, young man?"

Man: "Certainly, sir. Hellooo!"

MacPhisto: "Excellent. Now, um – from way up there, I must look like I'm, what, I must look about two inches tall, do I?"

Man: "Yes, you do."

MacPhisto: "Well, I have news for you – I am two inches tall!" [laughs] "Well, I have a little song I'd like to sing to you, and I think it's, it's, it's apt, actually, and I... I... before I do it, I... I, we've sent up some T-shirts to sell to you, so we can make a few bucks from you, you know what I'm saying?!"

Crowd: [cheer]

MacPhisto: "Could you please pass around the official merchandise, I think it should go round there..."

[man hangs up]

Crowd: [hoots of laughter]

MacPhisto: [sings] "Neighbours...!"

Crowd: [laughter]

MacPhisto: [sings] "Everybody needs good neighbours!  Full of love and understanding..."

MacPhisto: "I just called to say I love you!"

[Lemon begins]

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