Swedish flag Saturday 31st July 1993
Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholms Stadion

MacPhisto: [sings] "Money money money, it's not funny, it's a rich man's world!  La-laaa-aa-a-aaa!  All the things I could do!  If I had a little money..."

MacPhisto: "I love that one."

Crowd: [applause]

MacPhisto: "Well, now... it's wonderful to be here, it's wonderful to be on top of the world. Again!" [laughs] "And the people who put us on the top of the world are here tonight... oh no!  Island Records. Somebody get them a drink!  I like it when they come out to see us play, don't you?"

Crowd: "Yeah!"

MacPhisto: "Thank you very much. I like show business, it's in my blood. Everybody's into it now. Oh, one thing, Island – you know what happens when you don't promote? You get hip!  Remember that. Haha. Everybody's into it now, though... Lady Diana. They're all into show business. What about Ian Wachtmeister, he's kind of..."

Crowd: [cheer]

MacPhisto: "Ooh... he's my kind of man. I like people flashy, you know? From good stock. Shall I give him a telephone call?"

Crowd: "Yeah!"

MacPhisto: "Oh, good. Hmm!  Now..."


MacPhisto: "Oh-eight... one-five-two... six-zero... five. I hope he's not in bed, I suppose he probably doesn't go to bed, like... a lot of people I know."

Woman: "Hallå."

MacPhisto: "Hello?"

Woman: "Hello, this is Mary [inaudible]."

MacPhisto: "Hello, I'd like to speak to Mr Wachtmeister, would he at all be available?"

Woman: "No, he's not available for the moment, but he's... well, he's not i-in the town, in Stockholm."

MacPhisto: "Oh, I see, is he..."

Crowd: [jeers]

Woman: "He-- h-he's at [inaudible]."

MacPhisto: "Well, I, I, it's, as I sa-- my name is Mr MacPhisto, and..."

Woman: [stifles a laugh]

MacPhisto: [sings] "I just called to say..."

Woman: [sings] "I love you!"

MacPhisto: [sings] "...I love you!"

Woman: [laughs]

MacPhisto: [laughs]

Woman: "You're fantastic!"

MacPhisto: "Oh, I-- and so are you, darling!"

[Ultra Violet begins]

Woman: [sounds like "He's a hero also."]

MacPhisto: "I think we could be beautiful together!"

Woman: "Well, I think we--"

MacPhisto: "I think we'll get on very well, don't you?"

Woman: [sounds like "Yes, especially at a super time when New Democracy--"]

MacPhisto: "I think I'm going to miss you... Stockholm!"

Woman: [sounds like "...if you like ou-- our..."]

MacPhisto: "I could get along well here. GOODNIGHT! ...Goodnight... Goodnight..."

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