Danish flag Tuesday 27th July 1993
Copenhagen, Denmark

Gentofte Stadion

MacPhisto: "Ohhhh!  What a wonderful night. Oh, it's sooo good to be here. They thought the rain would keep us away, but I say never, I love the rain – it makes me feel at home!"

Crowd: [cheer]

MacPhisto: "And I love rock and roll. I love the beat, it's so catchy, and... I love the feeling of togetherness. We're all here tonight... pressing up against each other, it's fabulous!  I love the feeling of togetherness, it's like... it's like the EEC, isn't it, really?!"

Crowd: [boos and whistles]

MacPhisto: "No? Togetherness in the EEC... no...?"

Crowd: [whistles]

MacPhisto: "I have a friend here, in Copenhagen... Uffemann, d'you know him?"

Crowd: [cheers and whistles]

MacPhisto: "I feel so close to him, I could almost kiss him – MWAH!  I'd go. Haha. Shall I give Uffemann a telephone call?"

Crowd: [cheer]

MacPhisto: "Oh, yes. I have his home telephone number; when you're famous, people give you such things." [clears throat]


MacPhisto: "That's three-one, six-one, two-two, one-two. Uffemann..." [sighs] "It's wonderful to have people to tell you what you want, isn't it, really? It makes life so much easier. ...Hello?"

Woman: "Yeah."

MacPhisto: "Hello, I'd like to speak to Mr Uffemann."

Woman: "No, he's not here."

MacPhisto: "He's not in tonight?"

Woman: "Who's speaking?"

MacPhisto: "My name is Mr MacPhisto and I'm a personal friend of his."

Crowd: [cheer]

Woman: "I see. Well he's not here."

MacPhisto: "Oh. Could I leave him a message?"

Woman: "Yes, tomorrow. You can call him tomorrow at his office. Goodbye." [hangs up]

Crowd: [boo]

MacPhisto: [sings] "I just called to say I love you... I just called to say how much I care..."

[Ultra Violet begins]

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