French flag Wednesday 14th July 1993
Marseille, France

Stade Vélodrome

MacPhisto: [sings] "Olé, olé olé olé! Olé, olé! Olé, olé olé olé... "

Crowd: [singing] "Olé, olé! Olé, olé olé olé! Olé, olé! Olé, olé olé olé! Olé, olé!"

MacPhisto: "Superb. Simply superb."

Crowd: [still singing]

MacPhisto: "Bonjour mes amis!"

[Man in crowd: "BONJOUR!!"]

MacPhisto: "Parlez anglais? Do you know who I am?"

Crowd: "Yes!"

MacPhisto: "Do you like the way I've turned out for you?"

Crowd: "YEAH!"

MacPhisto: "I know you like your pop stars to be exciting, so I bought these."

Crowd: [cheers and whistles]

MacPhisto: "You've made me very famous and I thank you!  Round about this time at night, I like to make a telephone call. Sometimes to the President of the United States. But not tonight. Is there anybody you would like me to call?"

Crowd: [uncertain cheering and shouting]

MacPhisto: "Monsieur Tapie?"

Crowd: [cheer]

MacPhisto: "Shall I try and give him a call? Alright then. This is turning out jolly well. See if I have a name... let me see. When you're famous, everybody gives you their telephone number. Monsieur Bernard Tapie."

Crowd: [loud cheer]


MacPhisto: "One-six-one, four-five, four-four, two-three, three-nine."

[phone rings]

MacPhisto: [sings] "Laaa-la-la... I just called to say I love you... I just called to say how much I care..."

[phone continues to ring]

MacPhisto: "Well, I think Monsieur Tapie may be asleep."

Crowd: [laughter]

MacPhisto: "Shall we try and wake him up?"

Crowd: "YEAH!"

[Ultra Violet begins]

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