Italian flag Friday 9th July 1993
Naples, Italy

Stadio San Paolo

Note: It's difficult to make out what the man on the phone says – if any Neapolitan speakers could tell me what they hear, I'd be very grateful!  I'm also not sure what's going on at the end, as MacPhisto speaks off-mic and it isn't clear what he's referring to.

[Desire ends with MacPhisto laughing "Thank you – so kind!"]

MacPhisto: "Oh look, they have Bo-no's head on the money!" [laughs] "What a silly mug. Do you know who I am?"

Crowd: "Yes!"

MacPhisto: "My name is MacPhisto... and I think I've turned out to be a very exciting pop star. What do you think of my suit, then?"

Crowd: [whoops and whistles]

MacPhisto: "Check out the shoes." [shows them off] "You're big into shoes here."

Crowd: [whistles]

MacPhisto: "How is Mayor Polese these days? Mayor Polese?" [bends down to listen to a fan in the front row] "Shall I give the Mayor Polese a telephone call? I believe he's in prison – in jail? Why don't I call him. Would you like to say hello to Mayor Polese and tell him what you think of him?!"

Crowd: "Yeah!"

MacPhisto: "Grazie. My little bambini. Now, let me see. Mayor Polese." [trying Italian accent] "Polese!"


MacPhisto: "Two-six-six, six-six-six. And that's not a joke!" [trying Italian accent] "Pog-gio-re-a-le. Poggioreale. Po-ggio-reale."

Man: [inaudible answer]

MacPhisto: "Hello, is that Poggioreale?"

Man: "Fatt'a 'a galera, guagliò." [hangs up]

Crowd: [cheers and laughter]

[MacPhisto looks shocked]

[Man in crowd: "Bellissimo!"]

MacPhisto: [sigh] "...I think it must be broken, I'm pointing at The Edge but he doesn't seem to be listening." [sigh]

[Ultra Violet begins]

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