Italian flag Saturday 3rd July 1993
Verona, Italy

Stadio Bentegodi

MacPhisto: "Ciao, meia cari bambini!"

Crowd: [cheer]

MacPhisto: "Show business... show business, don't you just love it!  I love show business. Jim Morrison died today, a few years ago – it's the anniversary of his death. Show business... what a great, great idea. Everybody's into it now. The President of the United States is off on a world tour. And I love the way the Mafia dress, they're so beautiful, the suits they, they wear, and the shoes. Show business... Il Papa's been on a world tour, shall I give him a telephone call? Yes, maybe. Let's see if we can wake the good fellow up. The phone number for the Vatican, let me see..."


MacPhisto: [sings] "I just called to say I love you!"

MacPhisto: [laughs] "Oh, what a man. Toodle pip."

MacPhisto: [sings] "Keep me hanging on the telephone..."

MacPhisto: "Do I have a problem here? Shall I try it one more time? Hold on. [I'm putting it down... and now I'm putting it on.] Just one more time."


MacPhisto: [sings] "You make me feel so young..."

[there is no connection]

MacPhisto: "Oh my. And all I was going to ask him was, would he need some ZooTV equipment when we've finished our world tour, for his next? Maybe I'll call again!"

[Ultra Violet begins]

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