Italian flag Friday 2nd July 1993
Verona, Italy

Stadio Bentegodi

[Desire ends with MacPhisto remarking "Oh, I love when it does that!" as Zoo ECUs rain down.]

MacPhisto: "Off with the horns, on with the show. Look what you've done to me. Look what you've done to me. You've made me very famous... and I thank you. I know you like your pop stars to be exciting, so I bought these. Do you like them?"

Crowd: [cheer]

MacPhisto: "What a wonderful night. All the lights, all the special effects. But do you know, sometimes... I feel quite lonely. And sad. Triste. And I think... of home. Would you mind awfully if I made a telephone call home? I have some friends there and they're having a party tonight. It's a birthday party – shall we ring them up and wish them happy birthday? Would you do that for me? I live in a place called Dublin, Ireland, in a house called Telefís Éireann. Shall I give them a call now?"


MacPhisto: "They're an awfully nice group of people – they're a group too, their name is Clannad. A kind of a family. And this is a family show..."

Woman: "Dublin..."

[Man: "Bit of a problem with sound."]

MacPhisto: "Hello, I'd like to speak to the good people of Clannad."

[group laughter in the background]

MacPhisto: "My name is MacPhisto, and I have some friends here that'd like to sing you happy birthday!"

Máire Brennan: "Hello!  How are you doing?"

MacPhisto: "Hello Máire, my old friend."

Máire: "Hello, Mr Mac-- MacPhisto!" [laughs]

MacPhisto: "How are you?"

Máire: "Lovely to see you..."

MacPhisto: [sings] "Happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you..."

Máire: [laughs]

MacPhisto & crowd: [singing] "Happy birthday dear Clannad, happy birthday to you!"

[Ultra Violet begins]

Máire: "You wouldn't do us a favour, erm... MacPhisto?"

MacPhisto: "I love you, Máire."

Máire: "Oh thank you, thank you!" [laughs as MacPhisto starts the song]

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