German flag Tuesday 15th June 1993
Berlin, Germany


MacPhisto: "Look... look what you've done to me. Look what you've done to me! You've made me very famous, and I thank you. I know you like your pop stars to be exciting, so I bought these." [shows off platform boots] "The last time you saw me, I was 5 feet 8. Now look at me – I'm gigantic."

Crowd: [cheers and whistles]

MacPhisto: "Do you know who Helmut Kohl is? He's becoming a friend of mine. Shall I give him a telephone call?"

Crowd: "Yeah!"

[Man in crowd: "Do it baby!"]

MacPhisto: "I love this place. All the pomp and ceremony and marching, I love it... when it gets so loud. Don't you love that?"


MacPhisto: "When you're famous, people get you their telephone numbers."

[engaged tone]

MacPhisto: "Ahahahahaaa!  Maybe I should call a taxi!"

Crowd: [boo]

MacPhisto: "I wonder, I think I might have offended the Chancellor! ...Hello?" [menacingly] "Can you hear me, Helmut Kohl? I don't need the telephone lines! You know who I am. And I want to thank you... for letting me back... into the country!  I'm BAAACK!"

[Ultra Violet begins]

MacPhisto: "I'm baaack!"

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