Italian flag Tuesday 16th October 2018
Milan, Italy

Mediolanum Forum

MacPhisto: [sings] "Even the greatest stars..." [gazes at tablet computer on a stand; sees a devilish face superimposed over his own image] " themself in the looking glass..."

MacPhisto: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Buonasera, Milano. MacPhisto al vostro servizio." [bows and laughs]

Crowd: [cheers and applause]

MacPhisto: "Tonight, I bid you... farewell." [sniffles] "Arrivederci."

Crowd: [awww]

MacPhisto: "It's-- it's not good evening... it's goodbye. But as I leave Milano, my melancholy is tempered by the knowledge that my people are arriving all over Europe. Ha ha. That's right. They go by many names, my people. In Sweden, they call themselves... democrats – Sweden Democrats."

Crowd: [whoops]

MacPhisto: "In France, they keep changing their names. In Poland, they have names even I can't pronounce. In Hungary... well, haha... they're just hungry for me." [chuckles]

Crowd: [whistles]

MacPhisto: "In Italy... well, you've a few to choose from, don't you? Ha ha. My hot tip – my hot tip! – is Matteo Salvini, ohhh yes!"

Crowd: [loud boos, whoops and applause]

MacPhisto: "Oh, yes!  No no no, I won't hear a bad thing about him. He can't spell very well, or count... but who needs facts and figures, when you only want to look like you can solve a problem? You just want to look like you can solve the problem!"

Crowd: [whistles and applause]

MacPhisto: "So many names, my bambinos. But they all have one face... mine."

Crowd: [applause]

MacPhisto: "And remember... it's when you don't believe that I exist – that's when I do... my best work."

[Acrobat begins]

MacPhisto: "Don't believe what you hear. Don't believe what you see. If you just close your eyes... you can FEEL THE ENEMYYY!  Haaa!"

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